All horses and riders at LSF are treated as individuals, with custom programs to bring out the best in each horse and rider.

Communication is a key part of the LSF program. Horses and riders in training are encouraged to meet with Ana and Andrew to discuss horse/rider goals at the start of training with LSF, and then periodically throughout the year.. This ensures that the LSF team and each owner/rider are working together towards the same goals. Additionally, this constant communication gives owners/riders a step-by-step process to reach those goals.

Young horses/ponies in training at LSF also have a customized program to become the most rider friendly, quality horse or pony they can be. From first jumps to first horse shows, Andrew and Ana will work with the horse and owner together to create the best possible experience. LSF regularly collaborates with veterinarians, farriers, and owners to ensure each horse is happy and healthy.


Our training programs are goal oriented while simultaneously putting the well-being of the horse first to create happy, successful competitors.


  • Program tailored to each horse and each rider’s needs
  • Quality time with trainer regarding horse and rider goals
  • Create riders that are horsemen or horsewomen, not just show riders
  • Develop a program where no client ever becomes a number
  • Have happy horses
  • Create environment where riders come to work hard and focus on reaching their  goals

Training Programs include 6 day/week program

  • Lessons: Tuesday – Saturday
  • Sunday/Monday euro walker
  • Ideally, Tuesday is a training day for all horses
  • Sunday hacking is encouraged
  • up to 3 lessons per week
  • Extra lessons each week are an additional $25, billed at the end of each month
  • Group lessons are no more than 4 riders
  • Lunging, Pessoa system, etc., as trainer sees necessary

Additional Services

  • Scheduling of farrier/veterinarian/chiropractic care
  • Alternative medicine (ice, heat, wrapping, etc.) applied as needed
  • Management of Legend, Adequan, etc.
  • Scheduling of lessons directly with LSF
  • Show prep- clipping of face/legs/ears, mane pulling, tail trimming
  • Optional supplies- use of LSF Laundry (saddle pads, wraps, towels), use of basic medical supplies (wound care, poultice, liniments, etc.), use of grooming supplies

Rates & Commission Fees

Board & Training

  • Board/Training $2200/month
  • Optional tack/untack for lessons: $10/occurance


  • 12%- sale/lease horse priced under $100,000
  • 10%- sale/lease horse priced over $100,000
  • 15%- split if LSF acts as agent for both parties


Looking Stone Farm attends regional and national horse shows based on the riders needs and goals.


  • Have happy, competitive, horses and riders in their respective divisions
  • Use shows as a “test” and then have “homework” afterwards
  • Help each client achieve show ring success
  • Program where all horses and riders enjoy attending shows, even if shows are to be used for continuing training and working towards goals, not showing

Looking Stone Farm encourages all clients to attend horse shows. If a horse or rider is not showing, then they can still come to the show and enjoy spending time with our barn family.

Horse Show Expenses

Expenses are divided equally between all the horses at the show. Each horse’s horse show bill will have an item “trainer split” which will include: groom and tack stalls, feed, bedding, grain at show. In each owner’s LSF post-show invoice there will be one split itemized as “trainer expenses” which includes trainer meals and housing while at the show and a second itemized split “supplies expenses” which are a total of fees for set-up, laundry and supplies (buckets, snaps, hardware, brushes, shampoos, hoof picks, soaps, electrolytes, etc.).

  • Day training fee: $85/day for horses in full training, $150/day for horses not  in full training.
  • Grooming: (paid directly to groom): approx. $75/day + $75/week tip
  • Braiding: as needed (paid directly to braider SATURDAY of each show week)
  • Medications: billed at cost per horse (previcox, robaxin, etc.)


  • LSF Tack Trunk Rental: $50/show
  • LSF Blanket/show sheet use: $20/show
  • Magnetic/PEMF Blanket: $100/week for daily use at show

LSF caters to riders of all ages and skill-levels that have a love of horses, riding, and showing.