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Dreams come true! Congrats, Edith, on your new pony, “last laugh”. We can’t wait to see what you two will accomplish!

☀️Missing days like this @deserthorsepark 🌴. #latepost
Welcome to the team, Royal Affair! Congratulations, Brooke, on the lease of this wonderful young 🦄. Thank you Jonna and @chandler_w1311 for allowing Joey to join our barn family. We ❤️ him!

🦄 Pony Appreciation Post 🦄 North Point Glory Be AKA Glory. Thank you, Glory, for being such a bright light to all of us. You show every rider how fun horses can be, and give confidence and success to anyone that gets a chance to be your partner in the show ring. We are so lucky to be your ...forever home and can’t wait to see what you will teach Ava in the next year. Thanks for making this so fun! #onceinalifetimepony

Thanksgiving fun with LSF’s OG 🥰 #farmoreetchedinstone #16yearstogetherandcounting #bestfriendforever

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope.” Toni Robinson

Grateful, today and every day, for the horses and the incredible people they bring into our lives.

🍁 Happy ...Thanksgiving 🍁

The greatest “hello” makes for the hardest “goodbye”. Thanks @lv_stables for sharing Tinker Toy with us! Congratulations, Ava, on a wonderful first year of showing. We will miss seeing “Tink” in the barn, but are excited to watch him teach his next young rider the ropes!

Kenyan + Chenet ❤️ had an AMAZING 2nd show together. This #dreamteam just keeps getting better and better. Congrats on your Reserve Champion at @deserthorsepark. So excited to watch you two in 2023!

🥰This kid + these ponies 🥰. Congratulations, Brooke, on an AMAZING 1st show season. Watching you go from a scared, timid walk/trot rider to a brave competitor mastering the cross rail division has been so fun to see. The love you have for your ponies and kindness and support you show toward ...your barn mates sets an example for all those around you. We are so excited to see what you will accomplish in 2023!

🤩TORONTINA 🤩 This mare! I am SO PROUD of what you are becoming and can’t wait to watch you next year. Thank you for choosing us to be your people. Seeing you being ridable, confident, and brave in your first 1.30 (in the GP ring no less) was a highlight of our year. Thank you Dr. Kris ...Purcell and Dan Torok for believing in this mare as much as we do. We are forever grateful. Ready for 2023 💪

Already missing @deserthorsepark! Highlights coming soon- but 1st, how perfect is Norma Kilbourn’s 🦄 Fuerstandance ?? 😍😍

#ponytime. “I am a coach because of the kids and the passion I have for the sport itself. There is no other feeling quite like helping young athletes further develop their natural persistence, determination, discipline, dedication, resiliency, work ethic, heart, leadership skills, connection with... and respect for others, not only in competition but in life.” ❤️❤️❤️ watching these young athletes learn and grow!

If you needed something to make you smile today, here is it! Thanks, @chenet_09 for this AMAZING edit. We love our barn family and are so grateful you are part of it! #squadgoals
Also, how did the kids get so good at these?!?!?

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