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So much fun at Blenheim EquiSports!
Highlights include:
Con Action + catch rider Presley Orzen- Reserve Champion 15-17 eq, 1st place NCEA Medal
Quintus- clear 1.30 rounds with Andrew, Sarah clear 1.20 in her 1st show back
Torontina- Champion 1.10
Gucci St. Anne + Caylin- Reserve... Champion SS
Farmore Royal Gala + Maclean- primary ribbons SS
Graf Gerhardt+ Scott- successful jumper debut
Daybreak + Scott- ribbons in LS
Imadorable+ Franktown Heaven's Sake- safely showed their young riders the ropes of showing and earning ribbons

🦄 level 1000. Thank you, Glory, for giving these littles the best start to riding. We couldn’t do it without you!

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