Ana and Andrew are the lead instructors at Franktown Riding Academy and all camps operate as part of the academy’s program.

Structured lessons each day
Riders grouped by ability
Gain skills and knowledge
Outdoor fun

Camp Schedule

  • Typical Camp Day
    • Structured lesson each day- riders grouped by riding ability, so they are working as progressing as a rider.
    • We bring the classroom outside every day and riders learn things like: parts of the horse, conformation, types of saddles, types of bits, different grains and their uses, supplements, horse vitals/what’s normal, proper grooming, how to clean a stall, different types of wraps/their uses etc. What riders learn is based on their skill level, so all riders are learning things that are relevant to them.
    • After lunch more fun starts.
    • From shoeing and vet demonstrations to riding bareback and playing games with horses/ponies, riders gain skills and knowledge to help them develop as rounded horsemen. Younger riders enjoy equine related arts and crafts, while older and more advanced riders spend the afternoon learning more advanced riding and training techniques such as lunging, young horse training and course design.

2021 Camp Dates
July 12, 13, 14 and August 2, 3, 4